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The Direct User Switching Task allows you to switch to another logged on session using a chosen hot key combination just like you use Alt+Tab to switch tasks. This does not involve going to the Windows welcome screen and with password saving and automatic logon makes it very quick and easy to switch between sessions. Ideal for multiple sessions controlled by a single person or for a busy home PC shared by the whole family. You can also disconnect to the welcome screen in order to log on as a new user, this is how you create the logged on sessions between which you can subsequently switch. If you prefer the classic logon prompt but are not using it because you also want Fast User Switching, then this utility is what you want. It allows you to enable the classic logon prompt (via the setup program) and of course you can use it to switch users. When using the classic logon prompt it is possible to lock the session (via Winkey+L) for those times when you want to return a little later and not find the PC taken over by somebody else.

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